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Preparing for Ramadan

July 4, 2013


The countdown for the blessed month of Ramadan has started.  It is time to start preparations and welcome Ramadan. It is indeed the greatest month  and the most blessed month. Let us realize that we are the lucky ones that Allah (swt) has blessed us and He has extended our lives to witness another Ramadan. So we surely have to make certain that this Ramadan is going to be our best Ramadan.

Now that Ramadan is just around the corner, we must have a private meeting with ourselves and decide how we are going to spend this precious month. We have witnessed so many Ramadans – what did we do in it? How did we benefit from it?

Days go by fast and this is why we need to prepare well in advance.

How can we prepare for this month? First of all, we need to make a plan. Plan how you are going to spend each day of this Ramadan in such a way that you extract the best blessings and rewards and come away with complete satisfaction at the end of the month. Do not wait until it is already the 10th or 20th or Laylat al Qadr and say  tonight I am going to work hard. You never know if you will have this opportunity once again or not.

  1. Set up a time where you can complete a juz and a half of the Qur’an each day. A slow reader can read half a juz after each salah. That is achievable.
  2. Keep some part of the day for resting, working and household chores.
  3. Keep yourself free for prayers times including taraweeh and night prayers.
  4. Make certain that you do not over-feed your self, so keep a part of evening for eating within limits so that you do not feel tired for evening/night prayers.
  5. For those who are cooking, keep a part of the day for that purpose and allot 3 to 4 hours.

Only you can make a perfect plan for your schedule. After making a plan, make sure that you stick to it, otherwise there is no point to it.

Some people come with high expectations for themselves such as finishing the Qur’an five or ten times and praying night prayer every night! Do not rush it. Go with a pace you are  comfortable with and try to finish the portion set up in the schedule.

Abdullah ibn ‘Amr ibn Al-‘As was a young man at the time of the Prophet (saas). He used to finish the Qur’an every single night, and the Prophet (saas) was surprised. He came to him and told him it was a righteous and good deed, but he should recite the Qur’an in one month (but Ramadan is a special occasion when you can do more). He said, “Try to finish the Qur’an once every month.” He said, “Ya Rasulullah, I can achieve more than this.” The Prophet (saas) said, “Do it in one week.” He said, “Ya Rasulullah, I can achieve more than this.” The Prophet (saas) said, “Do it in every three days.” He said, “Ya Rasulullah, I can achieve more than this.” The Prophet (saas) said “There is nothing better than this.”  Meaning that if it is done more often than three nights, then it may be rushed and you will not benefit a lot.

This hadith applies outside of Ramadan, but in Ramadan we can do more.

Remember,  that this month is full of  blessings, mercy and forgiveness so grab most of it, be greedy in accumulating much of it. Be worthy of these attributes of Ramadan, be worthy of receiving its full blessings with open arms! The prophet (saas) prayed against the one who witnessed  Ramadan and would not gain forgiveness  saying may he be disgraced, he is a loser – to the one who witnesses Ramadan and does not get its benefits.

Let the race begin. Compete in receiving the best of this month.

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