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Response: Where is the Injeel

June 1, 2015


Response we received on the discussion of Where is the Injeel?

The response on last the debate was nothing  surprising. I feel that Christians do not want to ponder on the words or reflect or analyse …. they simply read with the mindset that “what I am reading now is a lie” so psychologically from the onset they have already made up their mind that all what they are about to read is false. They then quickly scan through it or ignore it and respond that its all a lie or its a copy and its not my own opinion.

That is really the response I expected. The article plainly said that the Injeel, as a document in its pristine form, as a book, is non existent but some parts of it do exist in the bible albeit in a faded form. Nevertheless, the questioner was continually asking for evidence of the Injeel! What can we say to such people except that they did NOT read the article or read it with closed mind. Jesus is Injeel, she said. I agreed, yes he was Injeel because he spoke the words of Injeel but that does not satisfy her – show me injeel, she says! Lol.

But that was not the funny part of the response I got. The funny part came from an individual whom I shall address as SP. Now SP became all cranky and started saying that this article was not my own opinion but a copy/paste! Now, before I proceed with his ridiclucous response, I want to make it known that these Christians will sometimes demand our opinion and when its given, they say this is merely “your opinion, we need facts and evidence”. Ok then, when Muslims proceed to give quotes from Quran, hadiths, bible or any authors, they say this is copy/paste and they want opinions of scholars. We proceed with opinions of scholars – okay, so whats their response: this is all hogwash! So you see, they are not really interested in knowing another perspectiveof faith but want to stay blinded by their own thoughts. Nothing satisfies them, why? Beats me.

Now back to our SP. He claimed that this article was copy/paste and when I denied, he started googling some text of the article and happens to find this blog. With this ‘gem’ of a find, he pastes it in the forum and says that I pasted from an unknown blog writer! Had a good laugh! When I told him that “That is my own blog and thanks for advertising my blog, he disappeared for a while.

SP comes along next day and says that I am “EXPOSED’ and that I copied from that same blog (LOL) and wants me to proof that its my blog. So I again assure SP that it IS indeed my blog. But he was not having it! He started investigating me. When did I start this blog, he asks? Then he started quoting paragraphs from old articles from this blog in his weak attempts at proving his allegations. Although at first I did not understand his quotes (hey these were from 2009-2010 articles, who remembers the details?) but suddenly I recognized my own text. When I mentioned this, he said that I “looked” into it!!! OMG, can you believe this guy!? Go ahead and write a comment on that blog, I told, and I will reply to him from there in order to satisfy his … I don’t know, ego? – But he didn’t – he was afraid that I would be proven to be right, maybe. I thanked him again for all the curiosity he was creating for my site and for the free traffic! He can subscribe to my blog for the latest updates! Lol.

Anyway, I was thinking to myself, why the heck should I care if he believes anything at all. I am not answerable to him. He is not the boss of me! This article was meant to be about the Injeel but he diverted the topic so much that I am forced to think that this was the whole idea. Or does he think that a Muslim cannot write? Oh well – but it was fun!

If I get the time I can post images of that discussion.

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