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“Satanic Verses” Claims Busted!

July 12, 2015

Christians love to attack Muslims with their claims on “Satanic Verses”. No matter how much its is explained to them, they don’t want to hear the truth because then they have less things to attack Muslims with.  The [Debater] brought the same topic to me. She quoted Tabari and formed her opinion from reading anti-islamic sites and from heresy. This was my reply to her and the subject was closed.

You all, quote some unauthentic text and arrogantly assume that you did a great thing and proved your lies to be truth. Remember truth stands clear from falsehood. You try to trivialize the issue and mock by talking about pop corns and coke. You, too, [Debater]? Disappointing and pathetic! Childish attempt at covering the lies. Something like inserting your finger in your ear and block out the truth.

Now, [Debater], you have quoted Tabari. Few months ago, I posted an article about Ibn Ishaq and Tabari. These are historians and they are NOT authentic source of Islamic information. I always ask to bring evidence from Quran or authentic 6 books of hadith but most of you in here always show unauthorized “evidence” from sources which are rejected and weak. Tabari is not hadith. Scholars of Islam have rejected their works and Tabari himself says in preface of his book that he wrote from only what he heard from people. His work is about what people said. He did not authenticate them. He left it to the people to think whatever they want to make of it, just like you. This is what Tabari says:

“Hence, if I mention in this book a report about some men of the past, which the reader of listener finds objectionable or worthy of censure because he can see no aspect of truth nor any factual substance therein, let him know that this is not to be attributed to us but to those who transmitted it to us and we have merely passed this on as it has been passed on to us.” (Tarikh al-Tabari Vol.1 page 3)

So your quote and your interpretation of it is NOT Quran and NOT hadith so its not worthy of considering. The one attempting to avoid reality is you.

You mentioned two verses:

And We did not send before you any messenger or prophet except that when he spoke [or recited], Satan threw into it [some misunderstanding]. But Allah abolishes that which Satan throws in; then Allah makes precise His verses. And Allah is Knowing and Wise. (22:52)
They are not but [mere] names you have named them – you and your forefathers – for which Allah has sent down no authority. They follow not except assumption and what [their] souls desire, and there has already come to them from their Lord guidance. (53:23)

These two verses were sent in different context and has an 8-year gap between them.

About 53:23, again you did not quote completely. These verses are condemning idol worshipers. Now lets analyse what is the exact scenario: This verse (53:23) was revealed in the 5th Year of prophethood, when some of the Muslims migrated to Eithiopia to avoid persecution. You said that Prophet was rebuked for it. That verse is Surah 17 : 73-75. This was revealed in the 12th year of Prophethood. And the surah where you mentioned where he was consoled is 22:52 which came in 1st year of Prophethood. If we are to believe the lies you are taught, then this would mean, idol worship was praised in the 5th year, then 6 years later, he was admonished and when Prophet regretted it, he was consoled about 3 years later! What kind of foolish lie is this? And you believe in this kind of interpretation? Can cherry picking lies be worse than this? Recall what Tabari said in his preface which is quoted above.

Now lets reveal the actual incident which the liars don’t want to hear. When the surah 53 was revealed, so many people where gathered. Everyone present prostrated when the last verse was recited. This included Muslims and non Muslims. Why? Because of the beauty of the way it was recited. It was mesmerizing, eloquent and rhythmic
which made everyone spontaneously prostrate. (Maududi – Tafhim Al Quran) The Prophet prostrated because of the command “But fall ye down in prostration to Allah, and adore (Him)!” Just imagine the scene!

The pagans, after prostrating, realized what they did and to cover up their “mistake ” of prostrating and guilt of doing that, created a story to cover their action. Their story was that Prophet spoke favorably about their idols which made them prostrate!

Narrated Ibn Abbas: The Prophet (pbuh) prostrated while reciting An-Najm and with him prostrated the Muslims, the pagans, the jinns, and all human beings. (Bukhari, Book 19, Hadith 177)

Muslim scholars are unanimous in rejecting the lies invented by anti Islamist to promote their agenda.

Ibn Kathir said: “All the links of this Tradition are unauthentic and I have found no correct version of this with continuous links.” (Ibn Kathir in his Tafsir 5/441-442)

When Ibn Khuzaimah said, “This story has been invented by heretics”. (Tafsir al- Raazi 11/134)

Shaukani says, ‘There is nothing true in it and none of its links is proved.” (Fath al- Qadeer 5/128)

And other scholars : Ibn Jawaz (Zaad al-Muyassar 4/391), Baihaqi (Tafsir a-Raazi 11/135), Qazi `Ayad (Al-Shifa 2/125), Imam Razi (his Tafsir 11/135), Qazi Abu Bakr Ibn al-`Arabi (Al-Shifa 2/126), Alusi (in his Tafsir 13/99) – have ALL rejected the fabricated lies which are satanic in its nature.

About 22:52, you or those owners of anti Islamic sites are being deceitful here by quoting only a part of the context. The context is not related to Surah 53. What does the text say? It says that Allah has never sent before prophets who when they spoke Satan interferes. (Reminds me of someone here who does the same). This is not ONLY for the Prophet Muhammad but for ALL prophets ever sent. But – Allah stops this – He abolishes what the Satan is trying to do because He knows the intention of Satan and Allah sets right the verses that He is revealing to the Prophets. The word used is “Yansakh” meaning lifted or removed. The other important word here is “tamanna”.

“The Arabic word tamanna has two meanings: “desire” and “to recite” something. If the first meaning is taken, it will imply: “Satan tried to prevent the fulfillment of his desire.” If the second meaning is taken, it will imply: “When the Prophet recited the Revelations, Satan created different sorts of doubts about its truth and meanings in the minds of the people.” If the first meaning is adopted, it will imply: “Allah fulfills the Prophet’s desire and makes his Mission successful in spite of the obstacles of Satan and confirms the truth of His Revelations by fulfilling His promises to the Prophet”. In case of the second meaning, it will imply: “Allah eradicates all the doubts and objections inspired by Satan in the hearts of the people and clarifies the confusion created about any verse of the Qur’an in subsequent Revelations”. (Maududi – Tafhim Al Quran)

Allah says, this kind of thing is a trial for those who have sickness in their hearts, who already doubt the Message, meaning the hypocrites and idolaters (also including those anti Islamic site authors). They are misguided and stubborn.

So you see, [Debater] how the liars make up stories just to demonize Islam and discredit the Prophet. I brought the topic of Jesus being tempted by Satan. Another Christian said it was man part of god (Jesus) who got tempted not the Father (ridiculous theory). That is not the point. Jesus was god according to you and satan knew that, but he still tempted him. Does Satan tempt god! How could Satan dare to challenge god or carry him up, promise him kingdom!!!. Its height of stupidity!

“God cannot be tempted with evil.” (James 1:13) Furthermore, when does the switch take place, god personality
changes to man personality. Does Satan know when he is dealing with man or god? The temptation of Jesus proves what Allah said in the Quran that no prophet ever came that Satan did not tempt him! Thank the Bible for that at least.

Side note in the deabate:

Its funny how when I was invited to do a debate with a christian, they made the rule that only Quran was to be used and I insisted on Authentic source of Quran and 6 books of Hadith. Admin would not have it. And now when they want to make truth out of a lie, they shamelessly reject Quran and Hadith and bring an unauthentic weak source which is not even hadith. Really funny! It’s not even cherry picking, its hypocritical!

[Debater] had mentioned the ayah where it says “you and your forefathers” regarding worshiping idols. So she says that this is the proof that Prophet was idol worshiper. Response:

I forgot to mention, [Debater], you said about ” you and your forefathers”, its not directed to  to prophet. Its to the general people at that time. You can realize this when you read the surah from the start. Prophet is mentioned as “he” or ” him”… the word used here is “antum” which is plural “you”. So its not talking referring to prophet.

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