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Welcome to My World In A Drop of Water,

In a drop of water? Yes, it does sound a little different – but there is a reason for the title of this blog, well its a dream actually.

Some years ago, I had this very special dream. It was a time when I was active in spreading knowledge and in this dream I was with my mom. Then the Prophet (saas) came to me in the dream and told me that the way I was spreading knowledge was not correct. The way to do it, he continued, is as if I am in a drop of water, swimming forward with arms stretched forward and pushing outwards. I saw in the dream that I was in that drop of water and my mom in another drop and we were swimming in our own beautiful droplets.

Now, I have no idea what exactly it means but I have pretty good feeling of what it could mean. We all need to collect our knowledge first inward to ourself and then spread it outwards. The way we preceive knowledge mostly depends on our experience in life, our opinions, our moods and thoughts. So each one may understand something in different way – thus each one in a different drop.

I find this rather intriguing as when I read the Glorious Quran. I may read a verse many times over the years but at times I see a different meaning and I feel that I have not read this verse before.  The reason for this, I believe, is that our life experience makes us see it from a different angle, a different view. In this light, the term that Quran is for all ages and for all times, carries a deeper meaning. It can also mean the Book is for all situations even; it is more than the words recited, words read, words clear and words hidden, but definitely clear to those of understanding. May we be one of them. Aameen.

A drop of water also signifies to me the beginning of life as The Glorious Quran mentions. The message in the dream is clear to me now as I write this … and I thank Allah swt for sending that dream to me.

Now, in this blog (an update of my previous website – when no blogs where available), I want to share my views, opinions, give my thoughts a voice and basically share my world in a drop of water.

About me, well I am just a humble servant of Allah swt, trying to please Him and living the life hoping to gain His pleasure. Reading my posts may well give an insight to who I am.

Welcome to My World In a Drop of Water.

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  1. mubeen permalink
    June 19, 2017 11:18 pm

    assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatahu, this is a good initiative, silent but tormenting in depth. may allah reward your work.

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